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The Truest Thing About You


Many people feel worthless… basing their significance on their circumstances and the opinions of people important to them. We live in a society that awards significance based on our appearance, possessions, intelligence, education, or profession. If we fall short in any of these areas, we feel less significant, less valued. When we explore how God views us, His children, we will see that when He brings us into a relationship with Himself, He restores us to a place of significance far beyond our human understanding.

We sometimes have trouble accepting what God says about us. When we ask Him for forgiveness, we may not always “feel” forgiven, even though Romans 8:1 says, “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” And although Scripture tells us that God loves us unconditionally—not based on what we have or haven’t done—do we always “feel” this is true? Probably not. So as we look at one of many passages about how important we are to God, keep in mind two important points:

1. The truest thing about God is what He says about Himself, not what we think He is like.
2. The truest thing about us is what God says about us, whether or not we believe it or “feel” it to be true.

According to Romans 2:11, God does not show partiality. Every child of God is as significant to Him as any other. Although it may be hard to believe, we are each, individually, as significant to God as Paul, David, Mary, Abraham, or any other Christian we can think of. We can also get to know Him as intimately as anyone else. Right now, ask God to make real the depth of His love for you.


Excerpt from Discovery: God’s Answers to Our Deepest Questions 

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