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Knowing the facts about your time at Discipleship Focus will help you be better prepared, and get you ready for the best summer of your life!

Branson, Missouri

  • The Springfield/Branson Regional Airport in Springfield, Missouri (SGF)

  • The Branson Regional Airport in Branson, Missouri (BKG) (Limited flights)

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

  • The Knoxville McGhee-Tyson Airport in Knoxville, Tennessee

How do I get there if I am driving?

Driving directions will be included with your acceptance packet or you may click on the property listed below.

Please do not rely on MapQuest or Google Maps as the directions given may not be accurate.

Program tuition is $650 for the ten-week program. This amount will cover housing, cleaning supplies, study materials, t-shirt, group meals, and some group activities. The tuition may be paid in three payments conveniently scheduled to correspond with your work pay periods. Most participants spend an average of $55 a week on food and laundry.
Hourly pay for beginning employees will range from $9.40 to $10.25 depending on the position. Although you will often receive 40 hours of work per week, this cannot be guaranteed and you should financially prepare for an average of 25 to 35 hours a week. Lots of free entertainment in each area is available to employees of the parks. Although you can earn and save money during the summer, your personal Christian growth should be your primary goal. Since positions and pay may not equal your capabilities or experience, you should view your job, salary, and total work experience, as part of what God wants you to experience during the summer.

Yes, you will need health insurance to cover unforeseen emergencies. If you are not already covered under your own or your parents’ plan, short term insurance can be obtained through Blue Cross Blue Shield. Please call or Email Us for information on coverage for the summer.

  • Driver’s License or other Photo ID

  • Social Security Card (must be original, not a copy) OR Passport

  • Bedding for twin bed

  • Alarm clock

  • Towel and wash cloth

  • Beach towel

  • Clothes hangers

  • Camera

  • Bible

  • 2″ 3-ring notebook

  • Umbrella

Comfortable attire is most appropriate: shorts, T-shirts, jeans, swimsuit, sandals, and tennis shoes. Women may want to bring a couple of casual summer dresses or skirts. Men may want to bring a sport shirt and a pair of casual slacks. The weather is usually warm and humid, so you will not need warm clothes other than a light sweater, jacket, or sweatshirt. Some jobs may require black or brown closed-toe shoes and others may require water shoes/sandals with a heal strap. You will be contacted in advance about your job placement in order to know which shoes you will need.

TV, DVD player, computers of any kind (including laptops and i-pads), pets.

Yes, but only if you are willing to let others use them. Please no large stereos or speakers.

No way! This includes vapes, cigars and pipes.

The parks have agreed to hold your job open for you while you take kids to Young Life camp.

Please call us at: (865)428-4011 or Email Us!

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