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Children of God

“After Betty and I had been married a couple of years, we tried to have a baby but were unsuccessful. After talking and praying about it, we felt the Lord was leading us to adopt. We adopted a little boy, Mark, who was such a blessing that we decided a few years later to adopt a little girl. We were about to submit the paperwork when one morning Betty said, “I’m not feeling very well.” Sure enough— a miracle that “wasn’t supposed to happen”— she was pregnant!

Although excited at the news, I remember having a fear that, at the time, I did not share even with Betty. I asked the Lord, if it were OK with Him, to give us a baby girl. Due to my deep insecurities, I was concerned about having another boy in the family. I wasn’t sure how I would emotionally handle having an adopted son and a “birth” son. Would I have the same feelings of love and commitment for both of them, I wondered. About eight months later, the Lord graciously gave us our daughter, Christy.

A few years later, as I was reading Romans 8, the following promise hit me like a ton of bricks: “The Spirit himself endorses our inward conviction that we really are the children of God. Think what that means. If we are his children then we are God’s heirs, and all that Christ inherits will belong to all of us as well!” (Romans 8: 16-17, PHILLIPS).

Do you realize what this promise means? Everything that belongs to Jesus Christ, God’s Son, also belongs to us! God has adopted us as His children, and everything Jesus Christ inherits, we will inherit as well. This means we can have the same kind of love relationship with the Father that He has with His Son, Jesus.

God used this verse to get my attention. It was as if He personally said to me, “Will, you are My adopted son, but I love you just as much as I love Jesus.” And I experienced this firsthand with my own children. I realized there was absolutely no difference in my commitment and love for Mark or for Christy, one adopted and the other our natural child. I love them equally— no difference. Although it was disappointing at the time, the Lord had caused our initial inability to have children. As part of God’s good purpose for me, He planned that we would adopt Mark. He was God’s gift to us as much as Christy.

 Although others may not have had the experience of adopting a child, I pray we can all understand that God loves each of us, His adopted children, as much as He loves Jesus Christ! That’s how much we matter to God! If this does not grab your heart, ask the Lord to make this awesome truth real to you.”


What would it mean for your life if you truly believed that God the Father loves you as much as He loves Jesus?


Excerpt from Discovery: God’s Answers to Our Deepest Questions by Will Wyatt

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