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Partnering with Young Life in Discipleship

To be completed by a ministry leader or person with knowledge about the spiritual status and maturity of applicant —
preferably not an immediate family member or friend.

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The combination of elements offered in this program is very stretching for applicants and involves a high level of commitment. It will include working full time, relating to employers and fellow employees, reading and completing required studies during non-work times, and living together in crowded conditions. A certain level of maturity, responsibility, teachability, and desire to grow is necessary. For the maturing young adult, it has proven to be an exceptional opportunity for growth in the Lord and other areas of life. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THIS PERSON WELL ENOUGH TO ANSWER MOST OF THE QUESTIONS ON THIS FORM, PLEASE TELL THE APPLICANT TO HAVE SOMEONE ELSE COMPLETE IT.

1. What has your involvment been with the applicant?*

2. What are this person's strengths and weaknesses? (Your answers will not be used to determine acceptance, but to help the applicant if they participate in this program.)*

3. Please check the traits you feel best describe the applicant and add others not listed

Shy or quiet, but warm to othersOutgoingFun lovingSelf assuredLoud and boisterousDisciplinedStruggles with authorityCritical spiritBold or directEasy goingKeeps room neatMessy room okMoodyGood social skillsLacking in social skillsPopular with peersSmall group of good friendsVery few friendsRelates well with adults

Other Traits:

4. 2 Timothy 2:2 says: "And the things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, these entrust to faithful men (people), who will be able to teach others also" (NASB). Believing this to be a clear biblical definition and purpose for a discipling ministry, this program is for men and women who are teachable, have displayed qualities of faithfulness in their lives, are seeking God's leading, and have a sincere desire to grow in an intimate, abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. Please describe this applicant in the following areas.

a. Teachability

b. Faithfulness and Dependability

c. Desire for God's leading and to grow in his/her relationship with Jesus Christ

5. These men and women will live together in crowded conditions. They are completely on their own for food shopping, meal preparation, laundry, cleaning, and possibly transportation. They must relate to and respect others in their cabin and in the community. Please comment on the following:

a. Social skills: ability to relate well to his/her peers

b. Sensitivity and respect for others in living and community situations.

c. Verbal skills

Good one-on-onGood in small groupsGood in large groupsPoor

d. Among peers, is this applicant

An outgoing leaderA quiet leaderAn initiatorSupporter of othersMore of a follower

6. It is important that we only accept applicants who will make excellent employees. Please comment on the following:

a. Willingness to submit to authority in work situations:

b. Intelligence:

c. Appearance and personal hygiene. (Participants will be living in close quarters and working conditions require appropriate presentation):

d. Chance of being hired if interviewed with other college-age applicants:

e. Most of the available positions involve long periods of standing, lifting objects weighing at least 25 pounds, and excessive heat. Do you know if the applicant has had any injuries, surgeries, or other health conditions that might require special placement or accommodations?

7. This program is considerably different from most Christian summer staff positions. In most programs everyone lives and works on the same property, eats their meals together and has a very structured schedule, with little or no outside influences. In this discipleship experience, each participant will leave our home base to work for, and with, many non-Christian supervisors and coworkers. They are responsible for the use of their free time. Our witness for the Lord, and the future of the program, depends in part on the behavior and maturity of our people. They will get to know both Christian and non-Christian peers, parties abound in the area, and there will be little supervision of their free time. We must rely on your evaluation if the applicant has the maturity to handle this freedom and to be totally above reproach in matters of conduct, relationships with the opposite sex, etc.

a. Please describe the applicant's moral character:

b. We require participants to refrain from the use of tobacco, nicotine, alcohol, and non-prescription or illegal drugs. Has this been a problem in the past? How recently, and would it be for the summer? (Please keep in mind, the Discipleship Focus experience is unlike camp in that there is more outside world access and freedoms including use of their own vehicle and every day interactions with non-program participants making these items more easily accessible.)

8. Other Comments:

Signed* (note, this qualifies as a digital signature):

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