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Partnering with Young Life in Discipleship

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The combination of elements offered in this program is very stretching for applicants and involves a high level of commitment. It will include working full time, relating to employers and fellow employees, reading and completing required studies during non-work times, and living together in tight quarters. A certain level of maturity, responsibility, teachability, and desire to grow is necessary. For the maturing young adult, it has proven to be an exceptional opportunity for growth in the Lord and other areas of life. PLEASE BE WILLING TO MAKE THOSE COMMITMENTS BEFORE APPLYING.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself

1. How long have you been a Christian? Share the highlights of your spiritual journey since becoming a Christian, being honest about your high points and low points. Especially share your experience this past year.*

2. Please answer one of the following questions: What is your definition of a Christian? OR How would you explain the gospel to someone who is not a Christian?*

3. Why do you want to be in this program?*

4. Explain two of your strengths and two weaknesses. (This is not to determine acceptance. Please be honest)*

5. Please check the traits you feel best describe you and add others not listed

Shy or quiet, but warm to othersOutgoingFun lovingSelf assuredLoud and boisterousDisciplinedStruggles with authorityCritical spiritBold or directEasy goingKeeps room neatMessy room OKMoodyGood social skillsLacking in social skillsPopular with peersSmall group of good friendsVery few friendsRelates well with adultsOther

If Other, explain:

6. Young Life Involvement

WyldLife participantYL high school participantYL college participantWyldLife LeaderYL Leader (for high school)YL Leader (for college/university)YL Capernaum LeaderYoungLives LeaderWork CrewSummer StaffYL Camp Summer InternYL Student StaffNone

7. What, if any, campus/church ministries, Bible studies or small groups have you participated in?

The leadership team wants to minister to you in every possible way, so we prayerfully assign housing and small groups. Your answers to the following two questions will help us.

8. Please describe your immediate family and how they have influenced your life.*

9. Please share any past problems, or struggles you are dealing with now, or any information about your background or family that will help us know you and serve you better. This information will be kept confidential.

10. Most of the available positions involve long periods of standing, lifting objects weighing at least 25 pounds, and excessive heat. Have you had any injuries, surgeries, or other health conditions that might require special placement or accommodations?

11. Do you play any musical instruments or sing in public? Have you used these talents to play or lead singing in Young Life clubs, or other worship services?

12. Do you think you might bring a car?

13. Have non-prescription drugs, illegal use of prescription drugs, tobacco, vaping, or excessive use of alcohol in the past three months?* If so, please explain:

If yes, are you confident you can refrain from using these substances during the program?

14. Have you ever been arrested?*

If Yes, please explain:

15. Please list your previous work experience, paid or volunteer.

16. Do you have any Young Life camp trips or other commitments you must keep during the program period? Family vacations or other entertainment related trips will not be approved.

17. I have asked the following person to fill out my evaluation:

Their Email:

Their Phone:

I agree to keep the following commitments.

a) I will stay for the entire length of the program, unless I prearrange a short leave for school or Young Life reasons. If I have to miss any of the program, I will keep up with the required study.

b) I will attend and be on time to all required meetings, and other functions.

c) I will submit to the program leadership and those in authority at work.

d) I will read the chapter(s) assigned each week, write out answers to the questions, and come prepared to small group discussion meetings.

e) I will spend regular one-on-one time with the leadership.

f) I will work willingly, cheerfully, and to the best of my ability at whatever job I am assigned. I will be at work each scheduled day, unless legitimately sick, be on time, and submit to the authority and regulations of leads and supervisors.

g) I will make every effort to develop closeness and unity with my cabinmates, be open and available to friendships with the entire community, include others in activities and avoid "cliques".

h) I will refrain from the use of tobacco, nicotine, alcohol, and non-prescription or illegal drugs the entire time I am living at either Discipleship Focus property--before, during, or after the program.

i) I will be "non-exclusive" and "non-physical" in relationships, both within and outside the program.

j) I will avoid bringing or using a personal laptop or desktop computer in my cabin during the summer, AND will refrain from bringing my cell phone to required meetings.

k) I will be in my own cabin and in my own bunk by the designated curfew times.

I have read the complete description of this program on the website

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